Friday, July 31, 2009

Cash for Clunkers. . .Such a Deal!

Today, the big news swirling around has been that the government failed to accurately predict just how quickly Americans would show up in auto dealerships across the country, clunkers in tow, hands outstretched for $4,500 of their own money so graciously given by the federal government, to be put toward a new, more fuel efficient car. One billion dollars was allocated for the program with the sure knowledge and confidence that this supposed enormous sum would last at least until October. Ooops! They didn't quite get it right, did they?

Today, in one of its fastest motions ever, the House of Representatives, that august body of environment loving politicians, passed another two billion dollar bill to be put into the program so it can go on. The Senate, however, doesn't seem quite so anxious to pass the legislation. Stalwart Obama supporters such as Missouri's Clare McCaskill have indicated that they cannot support the bill because they feel it is not appropriate for the government to, in a sense, become an auto loan clearing house. We'll see what happens but it is all but sure the bill will pass the Senate with little trouble and the President will sign it into law before hundreds of adoring fans (aka The White House Press Corps!).

Did you know that this government program which has brought so many people into showrooms throughout the country comes complete with a 168 page instruction book for dealers detailing the rules for the program that both dealers and consumers must adhere to just to apply for the program? Did you also know that before a customer can claim their voucher for $3,500 to $4,500 the dealer must first certify that the customer's old car (aka the clunker) has been destroyed? Did you also know that the government has "suggested" to dealers that they go after customers for the $4,500 should the application be turned down? I could go on and on but will spare you the gory details. The fact of the matter is is that this program is but one prime example of why the government should never get involved in the private sector.

Now, knowing all this, ask yourself this question: "How well do you think the federal government in all its wisdom would ever be able to manage national health care?" This cash for clunkers program isn't even a drop in the bucket compared to national health care! Why is it that people think the government will improve the situation? I can see nothing but disaster ahead if we get a shabbily, poorly written national health care law. I agree that something needs to be done where health care is concerned. There are too many people in this country without adequate health care. But do you really think the federal government could actually run such an unwieldy system better? And when you ponder this question, just think of these words, "Cash for Clunkers." If you ask me, this is legislation for clunkers!