Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Unknown Victim

In this day and age of one horrific story after another, you would think that you would be nearly immune to a gasping reaction to a story. At least that's what I thought. . .until tonight!

I read with dismay that, according to the Associated Press, the number of abortions performed in this country have risen dramatically in recent months due mainly to the economic crisis we find ourselves dealing with.

"A new Associated Press report indicates abortion practitioners and abortion businesses in selected locations are reporting abortion increases." One mother-to-be appeared at an abortion clinic seeking an abortion. Already the mother of three children, she and her husband found themselves facing the future with a fourth mouth to feed. Victims of the downturn in the economy, the couple determined that they could not afford another little one and so decided to abort the newest member of the family. This decision was based solely upon economics. It was reported that the woman was distressed and in tears as she arrived for the procedure, yet, despite that, she went through with the procedure.

This couple , like many others I am sure, chose what seemed to be the most efficient and easy way out of their situation. They are not to be condemned for reaching this decision. It could not have been easy for them. What their story does for us is force us to examine what conditions in society fostered the thinking that if a family's economic health wasn't quite up to par in the face of an impending birth, the most logical move would be to abort the child! What have we brought about by sanctioning abortion.

While very few of us may really know how we would react in this kind of situation, one thing is clear. Women facing the birth of a new child do not have to turn to abortion as a solution to their problems. A network of thousands of pregnancy centers exists that provides couples with free or low-cost pregnancy-related items to help them weather the storm a little easier. Once the child arrives, there are countless organizations willing and able to help the new parents with their family situation. Abortion is not the answer, nor is it ever. It is a hideous, brutal attack on the most innocent among us and killing this unborn child, a gift from God, will never solve any economic problem.

Choosing abortion is not a creative way to solve problems. It is choosing to follow the culture of death which brings nothing but sadness and isolation. Choosing life, choosing to have the child may very well increase the economic hardships a family faces. But we human beings have been blessed with the gift of creative so that in any given situation we can find a positive path through our trials. Ask yourself this. Should a child pay with its very life for the economic hardships of his or her parents? Would we be understanding of the mother or father who killed one of their children because of hard economic times?

If there is one thing that this economic crisis apparently has proven it is that life does, indeed, have a price on its head and society has just the prescription for this illness: death of the innocent!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

It is late on a Sunday evening. All is quiet. It is a good time of the day. It is as though the earth has settled down at long last and there is now time for reflection and anticipation.

One of the things I enjoy most about Sunday is going to church. There is a sense of solitude and intimacy about that time. It is a time to connect both with the Lord and those who are in attendance with you. It is a time to give thanks and praise to our God who loves us beyond any human notion of what love is.

In our church we have a huge crucifix attached to the wall directly behind the altar. It is a wonderful representation of what our Lord endured for us so long ago. Before Mass begins I find myself staring intently at the image, getting lost in the magnificence of the act of salvation it represents. It tends to put things into their proper perspective. And it also inspires a sense of supreme thanksgiving for what was done for us all. In addition to that, I find myself thanking God at that very moment for the gifts that have been so generously bestowed upon me. Family, friends, health, the grace and ability to enjoy life all come to mind. It is so easy to take these things for granted until we begin to contemplate the tentative nature of life itself.

While we are in times of deep financial crisis and stress, we must remember to keep things in perspective. We must focus on those positive things in our lives that no economic conditions can take away from us. They are often the intangibles of life and yet they provide a richness to our existence that no mere money could ever bring us. That is not to say that money is not important. It would be foolish to think otherwise. However, with family and friends and the love of God and our faithfulness to his will, we can prevail. It may not be easy, but it can be done. Just think of Christ on the cross and the impossibility that represents. Then look to Easter to see the miracle of the possibility brought about by faith!

Kayleigh's Story

The link provided labeled "Kayleigh's Story" is a touching and dramatic testimony to the truth that life will find ways to succeed despite dramatic odds to the contrary. I urge all who hold life dear (and that means life before as well as after birth!!) to visit this touching and hope filled site. We must fight to protect life at all stages and work diligently to prevent the prevailing mentality that only cheapens and degrades life into the classification of "convenient." Kayleigh is, indeed, a wonderful beacon of hope in a world filled with so much hopelessness.

Kayleigh's Story

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a Saturday!

It was a long day on the phones. We were busy from the time we logged into the systems till the time we went home. The calls were horrible and non-productive. Just glad to get out of there when we did. Most Saturdays aren't like this but for some reason, it was today. Its hard to figure out why people call when they do but they were lined up today waiting to talk to someone. In the last week we have noticed that the callers have become more sullen and serious. Many of them call to reduce the services they have on their line either because they are afraid of losing their jobs or because they already lost their job. Certainly not every call is like this but it probably breaks down to 50/50. The economy seems to be effecting more and more people who are better off. I talked to a number of people from places like Palm Desert, Hollywood, and Malibu this week and those are not low rent districts!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Messes: Household and Washington!

Here on Thursday morning things are in a bit of an uproar in the King household. We have some shower problems that need immediate attention. The floor of the shower was slowing sinking on one end and, as a result, was not draining properly. So they are tearing out the shower stall, replacing the floor beneath it, and putting in a new shower stall. There is a lot of noise going on and Buster, our invisible cat, has camped out under the bed. Buster is a funny little creature. He's very affectionate with the two of us. However, any time any stranger enters the house, he heads for under the bed, his favorite hiding place. And he doesn't come out until the coast is clear (when everyone has left)! So, I guess its going to be that kind of day for the cat!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the mess in Washington. And what a mess it is! I think it is strangely ironic how much vitriol the congressmen are showing towards AIG and the bonuses they gave out when all along they certainly knew this was going to happen. What's worse is that if they actually didn't know what was going to happen. The last thing in the world we need is the government running a complicated business like AIG. Who knows when we'll recover from this!! Oh, and don't forget to catch the Tonight Show this evening. President Obama makes his debut on the show as President. It may be historic but I somehow can't imagine any world leader sitting down with him and taking him seriously knowing that he had been a guest on a talk show as a sitting president. Shouldn't the office be treated with more dignity and respect? There is a sense of awe and majesty associated with the Office of the President and I kind of worry that when one becomes too familiar with the occupant of that office, some of that awe will wear off. Time will tell.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What is That Picture?

You may be wondering about the picture I have chosen for this blog. It is a shot of the Garden of Gethsemane. This, of course, is the place that Jesus spent his last hours of freedom before he was taken prisoner, tortured, and executed the next day. Gethsemane is an important symbol for me. Here, jesus, the Son of God, the Savior of the world, searched his heart for the courage to follow his Father's will to the letter. He knew what this meant and what lay ahead for him should he follow that will. Of course, he did follow the will of God to the letter and, as a result, we have great joy and hope in our lives. Jesus showed us through the agony of taking on he sins of the world that all of us can find God anywhere and at any time, even in the darkest of our hours. I try to find the courage every day to do the same. Unfortunately, I am not always successful. But I have hope because of the saving actions of Christ upon the cross and his Resurrection.

The Beginning

I'm starting this for reasons that aren't readily apparent to me at the moment. But, this blog thing sounded like it might be fun so here goes!

Today was a very nice day. I have Wednesdays off and I thoroughly enjoy the break from the stress and fast-paced atmosphere of my workplace. My wife, Joan, and I did some shopping this morning and really took it easy for most of the rest of the day. We did transplant a mum that I bought her on Sunday and went to eat at one of our favorite restaurants in St. Charles, MO. When we left, the warm weather was leaving also! It began to lightning and thunder on the way home and it has rained all evening long. It is supposed to be cooler over the next couple of days.

Anyone who knows me knows that I much prefer Winter to Summer. But I am ready for Spring at least. I'm really tired of the cold air without the snow! I heard today that from December 1st through today we have had only 8.6 inches of snow compared to about 30 inches during the same period last year. So, come on Spring! I am ready for ya!

I will try to share little bits and pieces of my life from day to day here even though my life could be described in any way but exciting. I am apt to be opinionated about certain subjects, so brace yourself! I enjoy the give and take of debating those things that I have the most passion for. I truly look forward to continuing this blog and hope that I don't bore you too much should you happen upon my ramblings!