Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a Saturday!

It was a long day on the phones. We were busy from the time we logged into the systems till the time we went home. The calls were horrible and non-productive. Just glad to get out of there when we did. Most Saturdays aren't like this but for some reason, it was today. Its hard to figure out why people call when they do but they were lined up today waiting to talk to someone. In the last week we have noticed that the callers have become more sullen and serious. Many of them call to reduce the services they have on their line either because they are afraid of losing their jobs or because they already lost their job. Certainly not every call is like this but it probably breaks down to 50/50. The economy seems to be effecting more and more people who are better off. I talked to a number of people from places like Palm Desert, Hollywood, and Malibu this week and those are not low rent districts!