Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Unknown Victim

In this day and age of one horrific story after another, you would think that you would be nearly immune to a gasping reaction to a story. At least that's what I thought. . .until tonight!

I read with dismay that, according to the Associated Press, the number of abortions performed in this country have risen dramatically in recent months due mainly to the economic crisis we find ourselves dealing with.

"A new Associated Press report indicates abortion practitioners and abortion businesses in selected locations are reporting abortion increases." One mother-to-be appeared at an abortion clinic seeking an abortion. Already the mother of three children, she and her husband found themselves facing the future with a fourth mouth to feed. Victims of the downturn in the economy, the couple determined that they could not afford another little one and so decided to abort the newest member of the family. This decision was based solely upon economics. It was reported that the woman was distressed and in tears as she arrived for the procedure, yet, despite that, she went through with the procedure.

This couple , like many others I am sure, chose what seemed to be the most efficient and easy way out of their situation. They are not to be condemned for reaching this decision. It could not have been easy for them. What their story does for us is force us to examine what conditions in society fostered the thinking that if a family's economic health wasn't quite up to par in the face of an impending birth, the most logical move would be to abort the child! What have we brought about by sanctioning abortion.

While very few of us may really know how we would react in this kind of situation, one thing is clear. Women facing the birth of a new child do not have to turn to abortion as a solution to their problems. A network of thousands of pregnancy centers exists that provides couples with free or low-cost pregnancy-related items to help them weather the storm a little easier. Once the child arrives, there are countless organizations willing and able to help the new parents with their family situation. Abortion is not the answer, nor is it ever. It is a hideous, brutal attack on the most innocent among us and killing this unborn child, a gift from God, will never solve any economic problem.

Choosing abortion is not a creative way to solve problems. It is choosing to follow the culture of death which brings nothing but sadness and isolation. Choosing life, choosing to have the child may very well increase the economic hardships a family faces. But we human beings have been blessed with the gift of creative so that in any given situation we can find a positive path through our trials. Ask yourself this. Should a child pay with its very life for the economic hardships of his or her parents? Would we be understanding of the mother or father who killed one of their children because of hard economic times?

If there is one thing that this economic crisis apparently has proven it is that life does, indeed, have a price on its head and society has just the prescription for this illness: death of the innocent!