Thursday, August 6, 2009

Up, Up and Away!

The congress has done it again. They have managed in one movement to prove to us that the real clunkers in the land are those who "serve" (themselves) in the United States House of Representatives.

Recently, the House ordered a fleet of jets at the price of $65,000,000 apiece. Yes, that's right. The servants of the people have just ordered private jets outfitted with the plushest appointments so that they can be rushed back to Washington for those important votes they have.

This is just outrageous! Nearly criminal in nature. With millions of Americans facing each and every day not knowing when the next job may come along, the congress has seen fit to be outfitted in the optimum luxury. Meanwhile, at town meetings throughout the country that have been organized to discuss the health care plan that is about to be foisted upon us, they cannot abide by citizens like you and I speaking their own minds. They truly believe that we should all lie down and take everything that President Obama dishes out without any complaint whatsoever. And if we voice our opinion, we're labeled as radicals and Nazis, incapable of a single original thought.

For the jets, I say that the members of congress should be limited to buying coach section tickets on commercial flights to get around the country. Why not? This would be a perfect opportunity for them to hear the thoughts of ordinary Americans whom they claim to admire so much on the vital issues of the day. I know the tiny seats in the coach section may wrinkle their designer suits and dresses, but that's life in coach! And as for security? I think we're more in danger from them when they go to work in Washington, formulating bills that become laws that seem to burden our lives with even more regulations. Come fly with us! Find out what reality is really like!

As for the town hall meetings, I say its about time that these poor excuses for leaders finally learn to shut their mouths and open their ears and really listen to the voice of the people. We do not want health care forced down our throats. We refuse to accept gay marriages. We demand that the youngest members of society (the unborn) have a right to life. These aren't polls! These are real people with real lives who have to live with the consequences of the work of these servants of the people. I honestly don't see any of this happening because there are so few in the House with any sign of a backbone. We must, however, keep up the pressure for real answers to our real questions! We demand it. We deserve it!