Wednesday, October 21, 2009


With respect to my daughter-in-law who loves Summer, is there really any better season than that of Autumn? The heat and humidity of summer have long since faded into the background and that same kind of uncomfortable condition will not return for months. Now is the season of quiet contemplation; of peaceful afternoons in the woods, soaking in the vibrant colors of this magnificent season.

On one such Autumnal day, we took a walk along a path that circles nearby Lake Creve Coeur. The quiet of the afternoon was stunning. The only sounds you could hear were those of a few chickadees twittering as they flew from limb to limb in the forest. Leaves of every imaginable color rustled in the treetops above us as the wind gently made its way through the tangled woods.

On the lake itself, the figure of a lone fisherman in his boat near a small cove spoke of Fall. The mists began settling in as an anticipated cold front neared. Colors were muted just enough to give the scene a dream-like quality.

We walked mainly in silence, quietly taking in the treasures of nature at this time of year. Little had to be said, really, since the beauty of the place spoke all the words necessary. It was a time to clear the mind and settle the soul. A time to contemplate the truly important things in life. It was a time to think clearly about one's present circumstances in life. A time to contemplate the spirit of God and what I have done to be a good steward of the many blessings he has bestowed upon me.

I thought especially of my granddaughters and their lives and what may be ahead for them. What excitement and anticipation their futures hold! When I think of all the things I have seen in my lifetime, the possibilities of what they may see and experience in their lives in this 21st century seem endless.

All of this because of much needed time out in nature. Amazing what a touch of nature in this wonderful season can accomplish. I feel like I have cleared my head and allowed for more energy to pour into my very being. This quiet walk with my beloved wife in the silence of a Missouri afternoon was a gift from God. I recommend a stroll in his cathedral soon!