Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not One. Not Two. A Riddle.

Advent is a time for reflection and a time for seeking. We reflect on our lives and how we may have affected those around us during the last year. How were we Christ to others? Did we contribute in some way to those who have less? Did we help others who are seeking the truth by our example of a life lived in the framework of the gospels? How are we doing on our search to find God in our lives? Do we recognize Him in others? Have we looked inside ourselves to see if we are bearers of the Spirit of God?

Far too often we search for God in the wrong places. God is not in any one place. As a matter of fact, since He is spirit, it is impossible for Him to be in a "place" as we understand it. Yet, He is here, among us, and if we let Him, He will guide our lives through the good and bad days that we all encounter.

This is the riddle of life. Where do we encounter God, become one with Him? Where in this chaotic and seemingly despondent world can we unite with God so that life makes more sense? Search within, not without. You may be surprised what you find on this journey inward. As we ready ourselves for Christmas and the joyful celebration of Christmas, we must remind ourselves that this world is still in need of the saving power of Jesus Christ. With wars, economic strife, political upheaval, the threat of nuclear arms buildup, and the erosion of the moral base of society, it seems that we are as much in need of a Savior now as we were two thousand years ago.

Seek God in your own way, but seek Him with all your heart. These days ahead of the celebration of Christmas, spend a few moments every day searching deep within you for that elusive unity with the Father of us all. Perhaps the little riddle below will spur you on to more carefully examine your inner life and your life with God.

"How does one seek union with God?" the seeker asked.

"The harder you seek," the teacher said, "the more distance you create between God and you."

"So what does one do about the distance?"

"Understand that it isn't there," the teacher said.

"Does that mean God and I are one?" the seeker asked.

"Not one. Not two."

"How is that possible?" the seeker said.

"The sun and its light, the ocean and the wave, the singer and the song. Not one. Not two."