Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brown Bagged It!

Newly elected Massachusetts senator Scott Brown "bagged" it where the people are concerned. In Kennedy Land, also known as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the young state senator defeated the democratic party and the odds by handily winning the senate seat once occupied by the late Ted Kennedy. It was a resounding victory that has sent a loud and clear message to those who occupy the seat of government: "Listen up!!"

A majority of the American people have simply had it. They have had it where politicians who give lip-service to the populace during election cycles and then, once the election is over, go on their merry way and do what they please. They have had it with out of control spending with no regard to any sense of fiscal responsibility. They have had it with brazen party domination, a party who feels it can do as it wants without any accountability.

It is about time that the American people awaken to the fact that their government does not respond to the will of the people and that we don't matter at all except when votes are needed. Far too long, the American people have slumbered like Rip Van Winkle, allowing politicians to gather more and more power to themselves under the guise of "doing the people's business," despite the fact that they often work contrary to what the electorate wishes.

Those in power have evidently forgotten how a republic like ours works! They have had it all wrong for years and we, as the electorate, have blithely gone along because we have been too apathetic to care. The elected officials have forgotten that in this country, the people rule. The founding fathers crafted the structure of government to reflect this fact.

Senator-elect Brown's victory, however, should be little solace to republicans. People did not vote for Scott Brown because they had fallen in love with the Republican party or Republican philosophy! The American people are very angry at both political parties. For eight solid years, the Bush administration and Republican congress spent money like there was no tomorrow. Record deficits accumulated as the underpinnings of the American economy eroded away leading to the financial crisis we now find ourselves in.

Both parties need to clean up their act! They have to stop looking down their noses at the public who protests their irresponsible actions by clearly defining their feelings at town hall meetings across the country. They derisively call these citizens "tea baggers" and treat us like we are all a bunch of uneducated oafs. They need to understand that it is their solemn duty to represent the needs and the will of their constituents, not the special interests or their own party affiliation.

It is my sincere hope that the attempt to pass a health care bill that people clearly do not want has permanently awakened an electorate that will now demand accountability in the elected officials. We need to monitor each and every move that our elected representatives make and voice our opinions loudly and clearly when we do not agree with their direction. It is time for us to take back this country from an electorate so enamored with itself that it barely notices those for whom they are supposed to work. Write your congressmen. Let your senators know what you feel. Keep their feet to the fire because this is not their country. This is our country and, as citizens, it is our solemn duty to be involved!