Friday, March 5, 2010

Senator Harry Reid. . ."Only 36,000 jobs lost!"

Senate majority leader Harry Reid was nearly beside himself today on the floor of the senate when he proclaimed that the number of jobs lost during the month of February was "only 36,000." That is good news according to the Senator. While I think I know what he meant, I have to wonder what it sounds like to those 36,000 who find themselves without an income. The Obama administration also proclaimed this as good news and an indication that things were getting better.

One has to wonder where these politician's sensitivities are. ONLY 36,000? That simply adds to the millions who have lost their jobs over the last couple of years. These job losses are a result of fiscal spending by both the Bush and the Obama White Houses and is only compounded by the run away spending now in full swing in Washington. Where is Bill Clinton when you need him? Remember his proclamation of "I feel your pain" from the 90's? At least he voiced the idea that he was empathizing with those who had fallen on hard economic times!

This callous disregard for the feelings of those who stand to lose everything due to their unemployed status is nothing short of abhorrent. What we are witnessing in Washington from both sides is a desperate grab for power regardless of the opinions or feelings expressed by the American people. Apparently, the opinions of the American people matter very little to them. In their world, the real power is within the Beltway, not in the towns and villages across this land.

Both sides are guilty and both sides are apt to pay in the future for this myopic view of the world. The democrats will take a severe beating in November if things don't turn around fast. If they manage to pass the health care bill, the beating will turn into a bloodbath and the republicans are likely to benefit from these events. But republicans, listen up! No one out here in the real world thinks for a minute that you are preferable to your democratic counterparts! You just happen to be a member of the opposition party. One wonders what Harry Reid will feel like the morning after his nearly certain defeat come this November. After all, that is ONLY one job!!