Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Priest of the Culture of Death

Take a look at the photo above and you will be looking into the face of unbelievable evil.  It is the likeness of the Philadelphia physician who now stands accused of killing seven live babies and one mother in his chamber of horrors that is called an abortion clinic.  Dr. Kermit Gosnell along his with wife and several staff members have been arrested and indicted on eight counts of murder including the death of a mother during a botched abortion. 

Inside the clinic, investigators found what they described as a "house of horrors."  Among other things, they found bags and bottles filled with aborted babies.  Seth Williams, the District Attorney for the region, said that several jars containing "severed feet that he (Dr. Gosnell) kept for no medical purpose."  There is speculation that the doctor has, over the years, killed hundreds of babies born live with a pair of scissors.

The babies included in the indictment were killed after the doctor and his staff had induced labor in the patient and then given birth to a perfectly live and viable newborn.  The babies included in the grand jury's findings were six, seven, and eight months old.  Once they were born, perfectly capable of living outside the womb at this point. the doctor took a pair of scissors, jabbed them into the back of their necks, and the sliced through the spinal chord, killing the infants instantly.

This barbaric crime is more revolting and heinous than most people have heard of up to this point.  These babies could very well have lived and been adopted out had they not had the misfortune of being born into this "house of horrors."  Instead of being given to the care of parents who would love them and nurture them to adulthood, they were cruelly and coldly dispatched by a doctor and willing staff with a simple, every day instrument, namely a scissors.

What amazes me (and I don't know why) is that nowhere in the mainstream media has this story been given any air time.  This monstrous crime deserves the attention of the American people.  It deserves to be exposed because it is an icon of the Culture of Death.  This is what abortion is and there is no disguising it with words or phrases that have some sort of soothing sound.  It is a barbaric act and outrage needs to be expressed.  Our lawmakers need to be bombarded with demands that something needs to be done regarding abortion in this country.  Human treasure has been destroyed in this instance but the sad thing is that human treasure is freely and openly destroyed in abortion mills throughout this country every day.

What does it say about a society when something like this abhorrent crime committed in Philadelphia, the city that gave birth to the Declaration of Independence in which all men were declared to have been created equal by their creator, gets no attention from the major media outlets in this country?  Have we grown so callous to such obscene violence that it just doesn't effect us any longer?  Does it reflect on our lessening dependency on God and greater dependency on ourselves?

This kind of story deserves the kind of attention that American Idol generates.  More than that, really!  This slaughter of innocent human beings has to be stopped in some way.  A society can be judged by the way it treats its least significant members.  If that is the case, then we are in big trouble.  The Culture of Death, a culture that promotes the ego and the self must be reversed so as to head off this kind of unthinkable crime.  We need to once again adopt the Culture of Life, an atmosphere that celebrates life in all of its forms.  Only then shall we be able to rescue what we have lost, although those innocent citizens who have been killed before even having the chance to be born are beyond mortal rescue.  May they all rest in the peace of Christ.