Saturday, February 26, 2011


This is my youngest granddaughter.  Her name is Noelliah.  She is now just past five months old.  As a grandfather I have been blessed with an abundance of granddaughters.  If you think a daughter can wrap her father around her little finger, well, then, just try to hold your own with a granddaughter.

Little Noe (as she is called) came into this world on a fateful anniversary, September 11, 2010.  That makes it easy to remember!  She, like her sisters, is full of life.  She is constantly in motion, always looking around, engaged in what is going on in the room or nearby.  To look into her eyes is to look into the breath of life itself.  Here is energy, optimism, hope, and a curiosity about the world unleashed.  Here is a little child touching the hearts of all she comes into contact with simply because she is.  Her sisters exhibit the same magic and when they are all together, there is an energy for life that can be felt.

It is not the energy of simple motion, but the innocent energy of life that we all once possessed.  At one time in our lives we were all this innocent, waiting to learn everything there was to learn about the world around us.  We stared in amazement at the faces of those seemingly large giants who happened to stick their faces in our face and make ridiculous sounds and facial expressions.  We weren't sure whether to cry or laugh or just frown in wonder if we would look like that some day.  We were all at the beginning of life, ready to take on come what may.

When you are a grandfather or grandmother, you have the privilege of years lived.  You have the perspective that life experiences have given and you may be somewhat beaten down by what life has doled out up to this point or by what you have done to life!  Life may seem very wearisome on certain days and you wonder how much farther you can go.  And then you look into the eyes of a little granddaughter filled with the energy and zest for life you once possessed and it all comes back: this is what life is all about!  Oh sure, there is the humdrum of everyday life.  Bills to be paid, problems to be solved.  The car is broken down again or a horrible day at work can leave us looking for the nearest exit.

I think one reason that God gives us grand kids is to help us keep the proper perspective in life.  He reminds us that life isn't, after all, a burden that we seem to turn it into through our own efforts.  That life is about living, enjoying, and giving everything you have every day.  It isn't about how bad things are.  It is about the possibilities of how good things can be.  That is what grandchildren remind us of.  The potential of the future.

Noe knows nothing of her profound effect upon her loving grandparents.  She does not know the joy of seeing a recent photo posted on Facebook.  She isn't aware that we're willing to travel whatever distance necessary just to spend a short amount of time with she and her sisters and parents.  Yet, in all her beauty and innocence and, yes, zest for life, she does this and so much more.

Thank you to all my grandchildren for being such great witnesses of the love that God has for all of us.  If we didn't have grandchildren, the world would certainly be vastly empty and our knowledge of God so much more limited!