Friday, May 15, 2009

51% - 42%!

A Gallup poll that was conducted between May 7-10 has revealed rather interesting result that must have many in Hollywood, the White House, and Capitol Hill scratching their heads.
For years we have been told that a vast majority of the American people called themselves "Pro-Choice." Now, in the spring of 2009, it seems as though that trend has been reversed. Gallup found that 51% of Americans described themselves as "Pro-Life." This is a complete turn around from last year's poll that revealed 50% of the populace described themselves as Pro-Choice and 44% considered themselves Pro-Life. Equally interesting is the fact that when an examination inside these numbers is made, a similar trend has developed. In short, more and more people are beginning to see abortion for what it is, the taking of an innocent life created by God.
While these numbers represent an impressive change of attitude, we all know that the American people can be fickle at times. There is still much to do in educating the public regarding the truth of abortion. Those of us who have believed in the sanctity of life for years must continue praying, contacting legislators, educating the public through our passion always laced with mercy and love for those who do not believe in the sanctity of the unborn. Look to the story of Kayleigh, the little girl I wrote about earlier this week, who died after fighting for life nearly a year while suffering immeasurably. While the odds were stacked against this little fighter, her parents fought as hard, learning lessons from Kayleigh that neither would have learned had she been aborted. She blessed the lives of her parents but that blessing extended to all who encountered her story.
I thank God that, at this point in time at least, it seems that the American people are beginning to understand the value of God's most precious gift to us. But we cannot let down in our efforts to overturn the legality of abortion and convert this culture of death into a culture of life!