Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tamp Down the Anger??

"I believe that women should have the right to choose, but I think that the most important thing we can do to tamp down some of the anger surrounding this issue is to focus on those areas that we can agree on." (President Barack Obama, Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Press Conference)

So, the President wants to tamp down the anger surrounding the issue of the Right to Life? I think he would have been closer to his opinion if he would have stated something like, "I think these Neanderthals who oppose abortion should just shut up and go away and let us have at abortions at will!" If President Obama does not understand where the anger in this issue comes from, he has more trouble on his hands than a large group of his fellow countrymen who are passionate about protecting the unborn.

Let's be clear about this issue and the president. President Obama is in full favor of making abortion available to any woman who wants one including minors. He cannot camouflage his beliefs with comments designed to lead us to believe that he is simply seeing a way to reduce the number of abortions.

If the president were interested in reducing abortions, he would not be quietly pressing congress to pass FOCA. He would not have appointed a Secretary of State who has not even attempted to hide the fact that she is pressing for abortion worldwide under the guise of improving women's health care issues. He would not have blocked legislation in the Illinois Senate to protect those babies who survive the abortion process. In short, Mr. Obama is most definitely not in favor of just reducing the number of abortions. In fact, the president is doing everything to convince the nation that he wishes to unchain what little restrictions are currently on abortions.

Why does the president do this dance when nearly every one who thinks more about American Idol on any given day understands exactly what his position is on this vital topic. And he has a lot of company on the Hill. Speaker of the House (and that well-known Catholic theologian and historian!) Nancy Pelosi is a willing compatriot of the president's to bring abortion to its full extent. Harry Reed is along for the ride as well.

Why is it that otherwise mild mannered individuals become angered, even enraged, when the subject of abortion comes up? Because we not only believe, but we know, that God created life and that life is sacred no matter what the polls say and what the media reports as the American people's opinions. The unborn have every right that those of us who have been born do. They not only need our protection from the likes of the president, but they deserve our protection as fellow children of God.

We must, as Christ advised, pray always both regarding this issue and all issues that threaten the dignity, integrity, and every fundamental right with which every human being has been endowed. Prayer is a potent weapon in this fight and I urge all who may read this to pray daily and frequently that our leaders open their hearts to the Holy Spirit for guidance and truth!