Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Very Special Little Girl On Her Birthday

Three years ago as the warm, moist summer breezes began to usher in the cooler, drier zephyrs of autumn, a little girl was born into our family adding more treasure to our lives than can ever be imagined.

Keirah came into a family with a loving mom and dad and eager loving sister. She could not have known in those early moments of life how much she was already loved. Now, fresh into the world, the love would grow and grow with each passing day of her young life.

Keirah, that little ball of love, has graced us all with that winsome look of hers that draws you in and invites you to take her into your arms and hug her for the rest of time. She is a wisp of smoke, a breath of air moving effortlessly from one place to another gathering her thoughts along the way.

She is all girl. Purses, necklaces, bracelets, anything feminine spells Keirah. She wouldn't be caught dead in anything but the appropriate attire for a young lady of her standing! And while bedecked in all her finery, her piercing blue eyes gaze upon a world hungering for just the sort of love this little one holds in her heart.

She loves her mommy and daddy and adores her big sister Aliyah, although from time to time, she does mother Aliyah. But Aliyah takes it in her stride because these two are not only sisters but the best of friends. They always look out for one another in a protective and embracing sort of way. No one dare step in the middle of these two!

Look into the eyes of this special birthday girl and see the love of family deeply reflected and exhibited. Here is a young lady with a wonderful start on life who is well-grounded because of a mom and dad who have their priorities firmly in place. She is being taught that the love of God for us all is shown best in the midst of family, imperfect though it may be from time to time. She is a loving child who shares the love that family has taught her. And she has been instructed well for, as those wonderful eyes bespeak, life is good when in the loving arms of the family that loves her so much.

As the years go by, I will get to know my special little granddaughter more and more. This is where the important things are. Not in jobs. Not in money. Not in possessions. But rather in the soul of our very special Keirah! Happy 3rd birthday, Keirah. We love you very much.