Friday, April 16, 2010

A Hot Cup of Coffee

Well, Lloyd, you've been gone a little over a week now and the reality of your passing is just sinking in.  And while we're so happy that you have joined the heavenly choirs in praise of God, we mourn your passing very much.  There is a sting to your death that cuts deeply into the soul and I don't think this will ever pass.  You just adapt.  We know that with the passage of time we will heal, but until then, the pain in our hearts serves as a reminder that you are gone.  However, you'll never be forgotten!

Your gentle voice will always ring in our ears as a sweet lullaby, soothing and healing.  We will still celebrate your birthday, each in our own way.  The holidays will still be marked as family gatherings with the bittersweet memory of how much joy being with us brought you.  In fact, you will be at the heart of each celebration but please understand that there will be a touch of sadness, especially at that first Christmas without you. 

One thing will never change, though.  At your place at the table, there will always be that piping hot cup of coffee waiting for you.  And we wait for the day when we can once again join you in this simple pleasure that so reminds us of you!