Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rejoice!! Alleluia!!

Rejoice and be glad for the Lord our God is risen!  What a momentous statement and what wonderful news for our world in this day and age. 

Easter Sunday.  The day brings memories from childhood of colored eggs and candy.  Of bright Sunday mornings with the chill of early spring still in the air.  Of getting dressed up in the best clothes you had in order to go to Easter Sunday Mass.  Of that big ham dinner with all the family gathered around.  Of "hiding" the Easter eggs one more time so as to enjoy the thrill of the Easter egg hunt that was held first thing that morning.  And mostly, the memory of my grandmother recalling the great Easter story to her little grandson who sat wide eyed at the feet of a woman he loved so dearly.

The Easter story.  The reason behind the celebration.  This is one holiday that refuses to be understated.  Many do not believe in the Story, nor do they believe in Christ.  They have their reasons for their unbelief and they must be respected.  But they also must acknowledge that whether or not they believe, truth is truth and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the one Truth upon which the world spins.  Without this great Truth, nothing would have significance.  We could live with reckless abandon for there would be nothing but this life, no accountability after life for our actions.  What a sad and lonely world that would be.

Today is a day of celebration despite deep sadness in so many hearts.  For regardless of the human condition, the Resurrection of Christ represents the one true hope of the world.  No longer is man subject to death because we know once we die, if we have followed the will of the Father, believed in the Son, and learned from the Holy Spirit, we shall worship at the throne of God for all eternity.  There will be no disease, no fear, no anger or bitterness, no envy, no hatred, and no more separation of us from God.  All will be united in worship of the Creator.

This is the message of the gospels, the good news of hope and salvation that was won for us out of sheer love.  We are living proof of the love of God for mankind and this day we celebrate His most visible and marvelous sign of this love.

Why, then, should we be sad even though we may be burdened down by the harsh realities of life.  While we may be experiencing dark days, one thing is certain, they will pass.  The one thing that will not pass is the promise of eternity won by the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, our hearts should burn with love, devotion, and excitement at the news of our salvation.  Place your trust in Christ and live life like you truly believe in Christ!  There is hope for all!  May God give you His peace and love all throughout the year and may you always seek to follow His will.

Happy Easter!