Friday, February 5, 2010

And a Child Shall Lead Them!

There are moments in life, usually the little, insignificant moments, that reach out and touch your heart with such a deep sense of love and gratitude that you don't know quite how to react nor what to say. That sums up what it is to be a grandparent. Let me explain.

I am blessed to have a seven year old granddaughter who is beginning to learn the lessons of one of Jesus' teachings, namely, whatever you do for those who are needy, you do it for Christ. Through her church, Aliyah has learned so much about the love that Jesus has for each one of us regardless of our status in life. Recently, her Sunday school class has undertaken a project to raise money for a little boy named Carlos and his family. Apparently, the family is quite needy and in want of nearly everything. The assignment was simple. Do chores for mom and dad around the house and the money that you get for an allowance goes into a fund for Carlos and his family.

Aliyah, with her usual energy and enthusiasm, has launched into the project full speed ahead. She has worked hard around the house helping mom and dad with all sorts of things. Each penny is carefully accounted for and placed in a special space so that she can proudly give her earnings on Sunday to the cause. Her mother--our daughter-in-law--recently blogged about this. We were so touched by the gesture that we decided to contribute to the cause asking Aliyah to do some extra chores that mom and dad might have for her so that she could earn our small contribution to Carlos.

Today, when the mail was brought into the house, Aliyah found our envelope addressed to her. She opened the piece of mail and began to read the note that we had placed inside. Her mom said that as she began reading the note, a huge smile began to appear on her face. She danced around the room, saying that this was the best day since Christmas. Most touchingly, she was happiest because now Carlos had even more money to help his family that she worked hard to produce.

With all the trouble in the world, the turmoil of war, the unrest at home between political parties and various philosophies, it is heartening to see something like this take place that cuts through the static we call "reality!" For at the heart of this story is the soul of a little girl learning about the joys of giving of herself and her treasure, sacrificing so that someone who does not have the riches she has may at least find some relief from the burdens of poverty. Her joy is the joy of the gospels as we should have the faith of little children, rejoicing always in the teachings of the Master.

As this day ends, I am very thankful for my son and daughter-in-law who understand the importance of putting faith into action and teaching that to their two sweet daughters. If the world would allow this kind of gentleness and loving concern more often, perhaps the struggles that we do face would have very different outcomes! Thank you, Aliyah, for allowing us to be a little part of this most important lesson of life.