Sunday, February 7, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing!

Another Super Bowl has come and gone. Many people who don't usually watch NFL football tune in on this day just to be a part of the event. Many tune in just to see the commercials which generally range from beer companies to car companies to online web developers to just about anything else you can think of.

This year, one commercial drew the ire of many women's organizations as well as Planned Parenthood. The commercial in questioned, sponsored by Focus on the Family, starred Tim Tebow, this year's Heisman Trophy winner (the best college football player) and his mom. In the thirty second spot which ran during the first quarter of the game, Mrs. Tebow recalls her decision to continue her pregnancy with Tim after being diagnosed with a dangerous illness. Doctors advised that she terminate the pregnancy because the treatment of the illness was likely to have severe consequences for the baby. Mrs. Tebow made the choice not to have an abortion and gave birth to the baby boy who would one day be named the Heisman winner.

Women's groups along with other pro-choice organizations screamed foul. They pressured CBS not to run the ad since it was, in their words, divisive and mean-spirited. They shouted as loud as they could that the spot was unfair and prejudicial. All this without ever seeing the ad! Fortunately, CBS did not cave into the enormous pressure it must have felt to pull the ad. It ran only once during the game and if you weren't watching closely, you might have missed it.

The reaction of the those who favor abortion and a woman's right to choose to the commercial tells us a lot about their true agenda. Mrs. Tebow was faced with a horrible dilemma. She knew that if she kept the baby and received treatment, the chances of the baby in her womb of being severely deformed at birth were quite high. Yet, she could not bring herself to make the decision to kill her child. (Yes, I use the term "kill" because that is what abortion is!) The irony in all of this is that NOW (the National Organization for Women) and the other organizations that cried foul so loudly have as their main cause, a woman's right to choose between abortion and life. Yet, that is precisely what Mrs. Tebow did! She made a CHOICE!!!! How can these groups protest this if what they claim to stand for is not abortion, but the right to CHOOSE abortion?

It is clear that NOW and others have as their main focus not a woman's right to choose, for if they did they would be applauding Mrs. Tebow for her courageous CHOICE! No, these groups have as their agenda abortion. They are only for CHOICE if that CHOICE is abortion. If a woman should choose life then, obviously, she has been duped by the far right radicals into thinking that the "thing" growing in her womb is a child. These poor dunderheaded women who choose to carry their children to term despite medical advice are also obviously stupid and deranged for, who in her right mind, would choose anything but abortion when faced with Mrs. Tebow's situation?

It is time to call things as they are, to forgo the politically correct language and attitudes that have stifled the truth for far too long. Abortion is and always has been and always will be a diabolical evil. It is the taking of the most innocent of human life in a violent manner. Nothing good comes from abortion. There is only the delusion that somehow killing a baby in the womb is solving some great problem that its mere existence is causing an insurmountable problem.

NOW and all the others need to be called out on this. There is no room for dialogue here because truth is truth regardless of what someone might feel or think. The lives of over 50,000,000 babies have been legally snuffed out since the horrific Roe v Wade decision in the seventies. We look with disdain and superiority at the Nazis during WWII who killed 6,000,000 Jews and another 6,000,000 other "undesirables." This is but a drop in the bucket when compared to 50,000,000.

We need to treat those who choose abortion with compassion and gentleness because this decision has no easy points to it. But we must be firm in stating that the abomination called abortion must be stopped through peaceful and legal means. Future generations are at stake!