Thursday, February 25, 2010

Disgusting! And Disgusted!!

Now that today's political charade in Washington, D.C., known as the Healthcare Summit is in the history books, it is time for some honest talk about the so-called leadership we have in the nation's capitol.

The president's arrogance was on display from the first minute of the conference. At one point, when republicans pointed out that the amount of time they had been allowed to speak up to that time was minimal compared to the democrats, the president said it was mainly because of his opening remarks but that he didn't take into consideration any time constraints because he is the president. He brushed off John McCain's comments with a very pointed statement about the campaign being over. Huh??? I don't think the president is aware of that since he never seems to stop campaigning himself!!

The attitude of the democrats once the meeting was over was that they were going to go ahead and push this thing through and be done with it. Republicans tried to make their points but their comments feel on deaf ears. Both sides did their fair share of political posturing and for what purpose? A sound bite on the evening news? Someone should tell the whole lot of them that Americans are completely fed up with the political process and are very angry with the whole system.

Americans trust their government less and less each day and that is a dangerous situation. When the public's trust in their government fails, something has to take the place of the vacuum created by such an atmosphere. Average, middle class Americans, who never before were politically involved, have finally--and thankfully--begun to get involved in the process. If the politicians in Washington and elsewhere do not think that the American people will simply stand down from this situation, they have another thing coming.

The people have time and again spoken through polling data that they do not want healthcare reform as it is in its current proposed form. This is not debatable. But the democrats, as demonstrated by their behavior today, have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are either totally deaf or more arrogant than anyone could ever imagine. All of this bickering and posturing must come to an end! Nothing is getting done in Washington because all of our elected officials are too busy running for office. Too many special interests crowd the halls of congress. The voice of the people, growing in volume every day, has been ignored by our elected officials up till now.

I suggest we all become involved in this fight. We need to be informed and inform our representatives and senators exactly what we expect of them and if they do not follow what the will of the majority happens to be, what consequences will follow, namely defeat at the polls this November.

I am neither a democrat nor republican. My allegiances do not lie with the tea party. I am simply an American concerned that the future generations of Americans will not see the kind of life I have enjoyed all these years because of the arrogant selfishness of our supposed leaders! Am I alarmed? Yes I am! And I am not easily alarmed! But the time has come to stand up for the heritage of this country and fight for healthcare reform that is effective and will help the most people. We need to hold our representatives and the president's feet to the fire through accountability of their actions. We have to make this known to our elected officials because if we fail to do so and this horrible legislation is allowed to become law, we will have no one else to blame but ourselves!