Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11...A Proud Day!

As the United States observes the ninth anniversary of the attack on America, we in the King family have a whole range of emotions.  Certainly, we feel the sadness and relive the shock of that horrible September day those many years ago.  We feel for the families of all the loved ones who perished in that tragic turn of events.  However, there is great joy in our hearts as well because at 3:45 this morning, September 11, 2001, the newest member of the family took front and center stage.  Noelliah Hayden King began her adventure in life at 7 lbs 1 ounce and 19 inches long.  She and mom are doing quite well and there are two big sisters who are thrilled with their newest family member.

What great pride and joy we feel at this wonderful event.  New life is always a matter for celebration and joy.  I believe that the joy we feel on this particular day is one of the healing balms that God has allowed to heal at least a little part of a hurting world.

Just as her sisters before her, Noelliah represents hope and anticipation for the future for our family.  She has a lifetime ahead of her of growth, of life, and of loving life and embracing it.  She is truly blessed to be surrounded by a mom and dad who are fully dedicated to her in these her first hours, and who will continue that devotion throughout their lives.  She has two sisters who eagerly await to show their new sibling "the ropes."  One thing is for certain, with Aliyah and Kiki around,  little Noelliah will certainly become a book lover!

Noelliah Hayden is love personified.  She has been lively all during the pregnancy as if to show her parents the kind of spirit she has.  I can't imagine anyone who could be any prouder of the moment than her grandfather.  There is a quiet joy within me that has brought a sense of peace to me.  Being a grandparent is a relatively easy thing.  We get to spoil the child and then return them to her parents to undo some of the little things we may have thrown out of whack!  But it is all done in love.

Celebrate with us, if you will, this new life and new hope for the future.  Life is extending itself on this morning and afternoon of tragic memories.  Tragedy is replaced by supreme good and while we still may feel the sting of that 9/11 of nine years ago, the happiness of the birth of Noelliah Hayden King, reminds us that with faith and belief, joy will return!

Happy Birthday Noelliah!