Monday, September 6, 2010

Kiki's Day

A very sweet little girl who is so special in the hearts of all her family, celebrates her fourth birthday today.  Four years ago as she made her entrance into the world, we all sat in exciting anticipation.  Her big sister Aliyah was probably the most excited since, with the arrival of the new little one, her position in the family would be elevated to that of "big sister."

Keirah, or Kiki as she is most commonly is called, is a bundle of love.  She has a sweet and loving nature and when she looks at you with those beautiful eyes, you melt and would willingly do anything that she asked of you.

Kiki loves to share.  As her grandfather, we have shared many a moment going over an incomplete inventory of dolls and other collectibles that she has accumulated in her four years.  The only reason the inventory was incomplete is because we seldom have enough time to make a thorough scan of all those things.  She is sharp as a tack, able to name all her dolls, stuffed animals, and other assorted goodies she can produce in a heartbeat from her room.

She and her sister are inseparable.  Oh there are little disputes between them from time to time as can be expected, but neither would ever dare to think what it would be like to be without the other.  Aliyah delights in looking after Kiki's needs and Kiki delights in mothering everyone in sight.  Even at four years old, she seems to have an innate sense about those who may be in need and is more than willing to do something for them.

Most of all, from this grandpa's perspective, Kiki is a spark of life that is beyond precious.  She slowly warms up to me on those times I am able to see her, but once she does she has my heart.  She brings a wonderfully warm sense for life with a smile that is filled with love and a twinkle in her eye that tells of her enormous spirit tucked away inside this little dynamo's body.

Kiki is special to all the family and being her grandfather is a blessing indeed.  Now, as we celebrate her fourth birthday, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new sister.  She can't wait to be an older sister and she has had an excellent role model in Aliyah.  Kiki, I am sure, will shower her new sister with all the love she can muster and this new little girl will never be without attention.

Happy Birthday, Kiki!  God has blessed us with you and you have lifted our spirits higher than you will ever know.  I am quite sure that you will be the best big sister any little girl could ever want!