Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Season of Lunacy

September.  Labor Day.  The unofficial end of the summer season.  And, also, the start of the season of sheer lunacy also known as campaign time.

It is the time of the year when our thoughts turn toward those cool, crisp days ahead filled with yellows, golds, crimsons, and every other color imaginable.  Football once again resumes and the days grow shorter as thoughts of the upcoming holidays begin to creep into our minds.  However, along with all these pleasantries comes the blaring on radio and television of ads touting one candidate for congress and the senate over the other.  They aren't ads that educate since most of them tell us what kind of jerk they're running against.

The biggest joke of this political season stars (who else?) President Barack Obama.  Here comes a man, a great communicator, who will tell us that happy days are here again because the unemployment rate climbed another tenth of a percent from 9.5% to 9.6%, a clear indication (says he) that things are really improving.  His befuddled vice president Joe Biden gleefully declared that this was to be the "recovery summer" where the economy is concerned.  Well, Joe, take a look around you!  Unemployment is climbing (despite what you want us to think) and there doesn't appear to be an end to this mess any time soon.

Then there's the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) Michelle Obama.  Michelle is out there telling every parent in the land that she know how to control the problem of obesity.  She is telling the medical profession that they should begin prescribing medication for children with weight problems to bring this epidemic under control.  She urges people to eat more healthily, which is a good thing.  However, every time you see the Obama family out and about whether on one of their many vacations or in Washington, we are shown images of the First Family gleefully downing huge ice cream cones!  I thought that stuff was supposed to kill you!

On the Republican side of things, we have a party who does nothing but tell you how wrong Obama has been on everything.  They try to convince you that they have all the answers.  Just leave it up to them.  Well, we did for the first six years of this decade and what happened?  Record deficits piled up as our national debt climbed to dizzying heights.  Two wars drained our treasury and, worse yet, took thousands of young American lives.  Constant bickering and posturing ruled the day and then, like now, nothing ever was really accomplished.  The question must be asked, then, "Why should we put you back in charge?  Because you aren't Barack Obama and the democrat party?"

What we need to do is become more and more involved as citizens.  We need to look at our elected officials with respect but also with a sense of profound suspicion.  They give lip service to how important we are in between election cycles and then go right ahead and do as they please.  (See health care reform!)  We need to hold each one of them accountable, questioning all their decisions and weighing their judgement by what we want as a citizenry.  Yet, in this season of lunacy we are told how intelligent and important we are, that we have the wisdom of Solomon and will do what is right for the country.  Don't believe a word of it.  They are simply jockeying for power and prestige.

Follow the campaigns in your districts and states this season.  Follow them closely.  If a candidate says something, challenge them through email campaigns, town meetings, and debates.  Don't let them answer in the political speak that the mainstream media just blinks at and participates in.  We as a populace are intelligent and we can see for ourselves what is happening.  Try telling one of your neighbors, friends, or family members that the economy is getting better just after they lose their job.  See what that poll will tell you.

Democrats need to be fearful of the results this fall but republicans can take little solace while salivating over what appears as a sure shot take over of the House and the possibility of gaining a Senate majority once again.  Both parties are a disgrace to the American system and this experiment that was begun well over two hundred years ago.  Time for the jokes has come to an end.  We, as the electorate, must turn the lunacy season into the serious season whereby we, the people, assert ourselves once again in the American political process.